Town of Mattawa


Welcome to the Town of Mattawa

Meeting of the Rivers. We are Mattawa Voyageur Country. We are the home of Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park, The Canadian Ecology Centre, Mattawa Voyageur Days, & Antoine Mountain. We are Mattawa. Welcome!

We are a mixed french/english speaking community that offers services in both official languages. Restaurants, trails, arena, fitness facilities, and much much more. We take pride in providing community services that fosters growth and developement.

Please use our website as a tool to answer some questions you may have about our community. If for some reason there is something we don't answer here, please feel free call us @ 705-744-5611 or email us We will be happy to answer your inquiry.

We can't wait to hear from you!




This year we have experienced very cold temperatures late in the winter season, which tends to drive frost deeper than normal. If your water service has frozen before or you are concerned about your service freezing then keeping the water in motion will help prevent frozen water services.


Keeping 1 faucet running at a ¼”- ½” stream generally maintains sufficient motion to prevent freezing.



As of January 1, 2015 there are new laws when it comes to smoking in public places

Please visit the Smoke Free Ontario website at for the full set of rules and by-laws




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